Hello. Hello. Hello:

June 11th


It’s been awhile but we have things to catch you up on:
Our new single “Rag Queen” is now streaming everywhere, so go check it out!
Show love or show hate! we don’t care as long as you hear it and tell your friends how good or bad it is.

Moving on; we have a feature in a UK based zine that we will be excited to show off once it is printed and in circulation.

We will be following up with some at-home content for you guys after we set up our new practice space,
complete with diy sound proofing in the home of our bass player, Bret.
Expect a lot of stupidity and loudness and probably technical difficulties along the way; but it’ll all be fun.

Likely to be rolling out a simple forum/message board for people to complain on in the near future.

More to come so keep checking in!

February 1st

So first of all, belated Happy New Year’s and we would like anyone following us here to forgive the very long overdue update. Life can rip you away from what you want to do for the things you need to do sometimes but we take care of what we can and get back to it when we’re able. We hope you understand.

Second of all, if you’re reading this: you and us; we all survived 2020 and that’s an accomplishment we can all be proud of so again, if you’re here, we’re glad you made it through. Much well wishes for you and yours for this new year.

Onto business, guys. We got a lot of new things in store.

First, we have abandoned social media platforms due to the policy changes and privacy violations that we no longer wanted to be subject to or governed by and we are aware that it may make us outliers but we feel this is an important step for us to take for many reasons.

Second, we have teamed up with Quickfix Recordings based out of the UK and are set to release our debut album through them.

We are excited to be working with them and you can check them out at quickfixrecordings.com and on their instagram with the same account.

Shirts are still available in limited sizes as well as are stickers.

The website may be getting a big facelift soon as we transition into these new chapters, so expect some changes and hopefully some familiar methods of interaction like a guestbook ala 90s angelfire if you’re old enough to remember such a thing. Maybe a forum. Who knows!

September 28th


Today, we introduce a special offer for those of you who sign up for our email list!
(You may have seen it if this is your first time on our webpage, in which case hello and we hope you’ll consider the offer!)

First off, we will never spam you guys and we will only use your email to send you updates for our webpage, any new merch or releases and deals pertaining to them.
We have decided to release a new song and deliver it right to you just for signing up.

The song is called “Silver Screen” and is an unreleased track from our upcoming debut album.

**The form to the right is a general signup form but the pop-up contains the offer!
If you don’t see the pop-up form, reset your browser cache or turn off pop-up blockers!**

September 27th


We can’t wait to get you and your friends trapped in one of our new shirts.
Wear it every day.
Don’t even shower.
These print lasts forever.

Congratulations, if our music had a scent; you would be our favorite.

We will be putting them up very soon for you guys to check out for yourself!

September 19th

So, today just a quick update but here is the list of things we have been working on lately:

Currently working on new material.
Looking for a new rehearsal space. Lots of unreleased material coming soon.
Next single and video is currently being planned.
We are discussing the physical release of our debut album.
(Thinking tapes! let us know what formats you’d be most interested in over on any of our socials or via email!)

New merch and shirts are arriving by next month.
Some really cool cover showcases also coming soon!

We hope you guys have been enjoying the single and we will continue to promote it for another month before the next single when and where we can just to be sure we cover as much ground as possible before the next one drops.

Lastly, here are some proofs of the new shirts we will be getting by next month.

Let us know if you wanna pick one up! (Sizes will be listed in the merch tab)

September 8th

Our official music video for “SUN SLUT” is now live!

September 7th

“Sun Slut” is officially live! – Check it out to your right, full song on Spotify.

September 5th

You’ll notice we now have a mailing list you can opt into and this will let us keep you ahead of all the social media platforms and help us get our message directly to you.

You want info on new releases? New merch? All the intimate stuff?

Sign up for the email list! We can’t wait to bring it directly to you guys.

September 2nd

5 DAYS. Closer and closer..

we’ve only got a few more days left until the music starts flowing but we’re having a lot of fun counting down the days with you guys and getting to know some of you more closely.

this is what it’s all about for us: we wanna hear from you and in the following weeks when the cat’s outta’ the bag, we invite everyone and anyone to send us all your questions.

in the coming weeks, we will be pretty active and have some surprises to unveil that we think you guys will really enjoy, so keep your eyes on the only TV that matters.


AUGUST 25th.

13 DAYS. Hello.

we’re counting down the days to something special. we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.. but more importantly, how are you guys holding up? drop into our IG or Facebook and leave a comment telling us how you’re dealing with the world today. We are all struggling; every single one of us and you are not alone.

We’ve been up to something…

“Fans of early Sonic Youth, Swans, and Daughters are going to want to check out the caustic tones in TXSEXDEATH’s single “Missy Hagen Hates You”.

Through a genre-mashing mix of Post Punk, Grunge, Noise, Punk, and No Wave, they created an indulgently rabid soundscape which provides an unparalleled amount of aural antagonism. While the chaotic anger which has been thrown into the single won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Anyone looking for the rawest biting Punk energy will be transfixed by the stylistic frenzied single.

You’d be hard-pressed to find more gutturally cathartic screams alongside such inventively distorted guitars elsewhere. The sleazy rhythms are just about audible under the distortion and fuzz which create a grungy instrumental swamp full of snaring hooks.”Amelia Vandergast/ANRFactory